Cruise Ship Review – 7 Night Alaska Cruise on the Vision of the Seas Cruise Ship

Are you looking for breathtaking beauty and the cruise of a lifetime? Perhaps you should check out the Vision of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship and go for an Alaskan Cruise you will never forget. Why Alaska?

Well if you have already been everywhere else, Alaska is a change of scenery and it is not as hot as those other cruises with all the humidity. Plus they rarely have any outbreaks in the colder climates so it is safer too.

When going on a cruise ship do not get there any later than 60 minutes before check-in departure time other wise you might have to try to join up with the cruise at another port down the line, which means it will be your responsibility to get to the ship, because it will not come back for you.

You can even leave your emergency numbers with your loved ones but tell them not to call you while aboard the ship as it costs some $7.95 per minute to call the ship out in the middle of nowhere amongst some of the most scenic views in the World. Alaska is absolutely breathtaking in the summer time, there is no place on Earth like it, you will be blown away at the beauty.

When reviewing all the cruise choices we narrowed it down to the Alaska Cruise and we are glad we did. Big ship along the Alaska wilderness is what life is all about. We are so glad we chose such a great cruise and you will be too. So please consider all this in 2008.

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Cruise Ship Reviews

Besides, the obvious fact that every one of us need to take a break now and again. Going on a cruise gives you the ability to totally detach yourself from the world and actually relax. However, as with everything else, there are pros and cons of cruising that need to be considered. So before you hop on the next boat to the Caribbean, consider the following first…

The good part?

People swear by cruise ships and the pleasurable experience that you can have when you board one. More and more cruise liners are coming up with innovative ideas to have you hop on board such as coming up with themed ships or ships that are targeted towards your interests. That could be a life changer.

Want to improve your golf swing.? How about your putting skills? All while keeping the kids happy and preoccupied in their theme park-like fantasy arcade? Maybe take a yoga class while your kids take a crash course in self-defense martial arts like Krav Maga? You can do all these and more on a cruise. That might be a life changer.

It’s been a mantra ever since cruise ships came into existence that you should feel like you are in heaven when you board.This is one of the things that makes going on a cruise so wonderful. It sounds like a life changer. The not so good?

Of course, every coin has another side and cruising has its own downside as well. Fortunately the only really bad thing that most people encounter on a cruise ship is unruly-passengers. Although rare, there are times when some experience bad service and terrible food. Even more rare is the horrible experience of feeling like you are trapped in and totally isolated in a huge tub until the next call to port.

Now all of those issues don’t actually sound so awful compared to one thing people don’t really know about when they board cruise ships.The fact that cruise ships are not required by law to report crimes. Actually, they’re not required to report much of anything.

Check cruise ship reviews for accurate information.

It has a lot to do with the whole law of the sea and for the most part, it’s a sad reality that cruise ships are not required to report crimes that occur while they are out, well, cruising. The more depressing news about that is that cruise ships often make it a point not to report it when crimes happen in their ships simply because it’s bad for tourism and ultimately bad for business.

Most cruise industries however are totally committed to your wellbeing and make it a point to protect you so it’s not a case to panic about. The fact that most of the problems that occur are caused by passengers and end up being resolved positively. The bottom line therefore, is before you hop on the next boat to the Caribbean, it might be helpful to at least check out the cruise ship you’re boarding. Prevention is better than the cure as they always say and it can’t be more fitting than when you board a cruise ship!

Make sure you check out cruise ship reviews about each cruise line.

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